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New year, new resolutions? CrossFit Merchtem has already made a resolution for 2022: to encourage as many people as possible to invest in their physical and mental well-being by sharing knowledge about the path to a fitter and more conscious existence, as well as by providing quality guidance through 'The Sport of Fitness', even beyond our (online) borders.

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Are we fans of making new resolutions? A difficult question to answer! When you know that for most people the list they make doesn't even exist by the end of January, it's hard to get really excited about it. As passionate athletes, we believe that consistency is the key to success. But we also believe that you have to start somewhere in order to be able to look back later with a smile along the road you have travelled. "Big journeys start with small steps", and that's why we want to be able to give you a boost! 

Those of you who sign up during January (2022) for a year of sports in our club will enjoy a 13th month of free membership! We'd love to invite you to discover how easy it is to form habits when you are a part of our community and our 'tribe'. Don’t do much sport yet? If so, you can book a free trial lesson or make an appointment with one of our Head Coaches.

What can you expect within our four walls?

Our offer is fully geared towards building a strong, supple, fit and most importantly healthy body: from Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Aerobic Capacity (cardio training) and Strength Classes to even Yoga and Trigger Point Therapy. You can take a look at our timetable here.

You'll also find a whole range of equipment and accessories in our club that you can use during free training sessions ('Open Gym') to practice the three main disciplines of CrossFit (Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Metabolic Conditioning). Among other items, we provide:

  • 2 large indoor and outdoor rigs by Eleiko (link) with pull-up bars and ropes;
  • 5 professional weightlifting platforms by Eleiko with all accessories;
  • An extensive range of barbells and corresponding weights by Eleiko;
  • Several dozen dumbbells (5 - 50 KG) and kettlebells (12 - 68 KG) by Rogue;
  • 12 x Concept2 RowErg;
  • 12 x Concept2 SkiErgs;
  • 2 x Concept2 BikeErg;
  • 12 x Rogue Echo Bike;
  • 2 x Rogue GHD;
  • 1 x Rogue Dog Sled;
  • 2 x Rogue Peg Board;
  • etc.

In short, everything under one roof to take care of your body in the right way, thus less likely to suffer from injuries, to train more qualitatively and sustainably and therefore also to make more and more consistent progress over time. The latter is one of the most important factors in sticking to your resolutions to make them come true and actually achieving your goals.

We would like to invite you for a free trial lesson to discover our versatile club for yourself! 

Happy New Year!
Laurens & Sven

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