CrossFit Merchtem

Not your average CrossFit box!

Is it your ambition to become the ‘fittest person on the planet’ or do you just want to live a happier, healthier life? CrossFit does what it says on the tin: increase your overall fitness.

It’s ‘the sport of fitness’ which combines the best elements of virtually every discipline, from weightlifting to running, interval training and gymnastics. Because this is not a one-dimensional way of exercising, it improves your physical performance in everyday life. What’s more, the intensity, versatility and group camaraderie give you a huge boost that will have you brimming with energy and confidence.

CrossFit Merchtem is a club where qualified coaches help people achieve their fitness goals using the best and latest equipment, as well as turn ordinary Joes and Janes into bona fide weightlifters.

This is not your average CrossFit box!


Weightlifting, Gymnastics & Cardio Training

Introduction to CrossFit

Weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio training (aka monostructural metabolic conditioning), are three disciplines that characterise CrossFit. The combination of these three forms of exercise will make you both physically and mentally incredibly strong. Your endurance, strength and body control will improve, which will stand you in good stead in everyday life. Less chance of disease or other physical complaints, greater confidence and perseverance and a sharper mind are just some of the many benefits you can expect!


Go heavy or go home.

We mostly know weightlifting as an Olympic discipline – for athletes with superhuman strength – which centres on two movements: the snatch and the clean & jerk. But it involves so much more: speed, flexibility and impeccable coordination are vital for a strong performance. Did you know, by the way, that weightlifting has lots of health benefits? it increases your testosterone levels, improves your posture, results in stronger and healthier bones, a faster metabolism and it even helps you sleep better.



Hang in there!

Gymnastics is a versatile discipline requiring strength as well as stability and precision. Because you exclusively train using your own body weight, you will learn to control and, in the process, get to know, your body better. By training in different dimensions and different lines of motion, you will see your body change in a variety of ways (gymnast lookalike).


Monostructural metabolic conditioning

Ride it like you stole it.

A real athlete obviously doesn’t just have strength and body control, but also a good dose of endurance. Monostructural body conditioning – better known as cardio training – is good for the engine of the human body i.e. the heart. In other words, these types of workouts have a positive effect on your breathing and your fitness. They will make you work up a real sweat and burn quite a lot of calories. The most common examples are running, cycling and rowing.