General conditions

General conditions


Version: 20.01



1. CrossFit Merchtem is not an ‘open gym’ and is only accessible by reservation (via www.wodify.com), both for group lessons and free training moments, with a limitation in numbers (members) per time block.

2. The club reserves the right to change the opening times, group lessons and all related parameters (such as the number of participants, the registration and cancellation conditions and any cancellation fees) at all times. The up-to-date information can be consulted in the customer portal (www. wodify.com).

3. Children under the age of 16 cannot sign an active membership agreement and therefore cannot use the equipment or participate in group lessons. However, they may - under the supervision of a parent or guardian - have access to the club (in the capacity of ‘spectator’) and are as such considered ‘members’ when it comes to complying with all house rules and the code of conduct.

4. (Early) cancellation or termination of a contract (before the end date) is not possible. Refunds do not apply, except in the case of serious illness, death or move to a location more than 30 km away from the current address and the club.

5. Every member is expected to be able to present the necessary identity papers at all times to CrossFit Merchtem staff.

6. The different membership formulas can be consulted in the club or via the ‘sales’ environment in the customer portal (Wodify).

7. Price changes are always subject to prior notice and are subscribed to by the member after the expiry of the current membership.

8. The membership formula, as well as the start, payment method and (automatic) payment date of a contract can be determined in consultation with the club.

9. Members with a combined membership formula (CrossFit Merchtem + Thermae Sports Merchtem) are also subject to the general terms and conditions of Thermae Sports Merchtem and are considered to have acknowledged this when signing the contract in the latter club.

10. In case of involuntary absence or serious illness the member may present a doctor’s note. The note should be presented at the club in the first week of incapacity. The period of absence is granted at the end of the membership period. This must be a period of at least 14 consecutive days.

11. Members are responsible for checking their personal health during the activities performed at the club. When experiencing unusual symptoms, the member must immediately refrain from any activity, unless instructed otherwise, and inform an instructor about the symptoms experienced.

12. In certain cases, the fitness instructors may require additional medical information from the general practitioners of members. In this case, the member will pay the cost of obtaining the required, written medical information from the doctor.

13. Members under the age of 18 are the responsibility of their parents or guardian.

14. Members are expected to treat each other respectfully and not to use offensive or defamatory language in and around the club.

15. Smoking is prohibited in the club.

16. It is strongly discouraged to leave objects unattended in the club.

17. Sportswear and sport shoes must be worn in the club. Shoes must have clean, non-marking soles. It is also strictly forbidden to enter the room wearing sandals.

18. It is not permitted to bring sport bags into the training area.

19. All the equipment must be returned to its designated place after use.

20. The club rejects all responsibility in case of theft, loss of cash or personal belongings of members or guests. In addition, the club is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to any possessions of members or guests in the club's premises (including the car park).

21. Members must park their cars in the designated parking spaces. Unlawfully parked cars will be removed.

22. When entering into a membership agreement, each member declares to be aware of all the club’s house rules, which are described in the club itself and/or on the website (www.crossfitmerchtem.com) or which are communicated verbally and are also subject to possible changes in order to guarantee everyone’s comfort. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a temporary suspension or (immediate) termination of the membership, without refund in any form whatsoever.

23. The management reserves the right to refuse or deny access to certain members or visitors.

24. Every member agrees to participate in club activities at their own risk. In case of absence and/or negligence of the club, the coaches, staff or any other intermediaries, the member accepts not to hold them liable for the damages incurred. This damage is not limited to injuries, but also includes death as a result of the activities performed at the club.

25. The club reserves the right to use one or more sections of the club 5 times a year for special events. These areas will not be available to members at those times.