The power of togetherness.

Welcome to our community! Yes, you read it right: to our ‘community’. Sure, personal goals are incredibly important to us and we love nothing better than supporting you with great passion and enthusiasm to achieve them, but we believe even more in the power of togetherness. Within the walls of our box, we regularly set aside personal goals (or struggles) and egos for the things that connect us: grit, a willingness to push hard and the desire to become better. Exactly the ingredients you need for personal growth and success. 

Meet some familiar faces of our community here.


Sven Geens, Head coach

Sport, sport and yet more sport. He started out doing gymnastics, moved on to parkour and free running, in combination with a few martial arts. Sven worked his way up from 5th to 2nd and then eventually into 1st place in 'The CrossFit Open' 2021.

‘I've always loved doing sports, any kind of sport. My strong competitive streak pushes me to analyse a lot and learn all the time, so that every day, I can become an even better athlete than I was the day before. Sharing this knowledge with others and applying it to their training goals to help them improve is what drives me day in day out - Sven

  • BA Sport and Recreation Management
  • Fitness Instructor B
  • CrossFit L1
  • Opex CCP
  • Triggerpoint L2
  • CF - Weightlifting L2
  • CF - Gymnastics L1
  • Yoga (5 styles)
  • Shiatzu massage

Laurens Goeman, Head coach

Formerly an all-round sports lover, now an ardent CrossFit coach. From tennis to boxing and even hockey ... You name it, he has done it. ‘I’ve always done a lot of sport, but never really got my teeth into something as much as what I’m doing almost daily now: becoming fitter. I notice the effect CrossFit has on me both physically and mentally and get enormous satisfaction from helping others experience the same thing.’ - Laurens

  • Fitness Initiator (VTS)
  • Fitness Instructor B
  • CrossFit L1
  • Opex CCP
  • Triggerpoint L2
  • Burgener Strength Weightlifting L1
  • CrossFit Gymnastics L1
  • Sports coach