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We’re sure we don't have to tell you that exercising is healthy – most people know that getting enough exercise is important. However, what’s often lacking is the energy or motivation to start and stick with it. Some good news for young people and young adults is that studies show that participating in physical activities at a younger age will contribute to a positive attitude towards sport and exercise in later life. In turn, this will directly translate into a fitter and more active life and therefore a better quality of life.

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As well as physical and motor health benefits, sports can also result in cognitive advantages. In fact, when it comes to secondary school students, it has been found that physical activity helps them to process information better, be more attentive, to concentrate better and also to sleep better. It also likely that sporty students achieve higher grades in school since sport is associated with higher levels of self-confidence and because students are often more motivated, competitive, disciplined and responsible.  

So are we saying that you have to be extremely disciplined and do everything in your power to become a true competitor? Definitely not! "Don't take life too seriously" is also one of CrossFit Merchtem's mottos. Training together, having fun and motivating each other all help young people to better develop mental and social skills and enjoy a higher 'level of overall happiness'. And the same goes for adults – we believe in the power of our community!

No matter whether you're a grown man or woman, a mum or dad, or a student,  you can come to our versatile box where you can count on an offer and personal guidance that is tailored to each individual and just ready to be discovered during a free trial lesson!

CrossFit Kids & Teens for young people and a wide range of group lessons for (young) adults, ranging from cardio training ('Aerobic Capacity') to weightlifting, strength training classes, gymnastics and even yoga and joint & mobility classes (Triggerpoint Therapy). 

Last but not least, for any students who join our club between 1 and 19 September 2021 and show their student card, they can enjoy a 13th month of membership for free on top of the already great student rate! 

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