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One of the three main disciplines in our 'Sport of Fitness' is weightlifting and here in our community, we tend to use the English term ‘weightlifting'. The origins of the most common lifts (the ‘Snatch’ and the ‘Clean and Jerk’) can be found directly in the Olympic discipline. Although the aim of the movements – lifting the weight fully above your head – is the same in both worlds, the Olympic version of the movements places more emphasis on the technical aspects, whereas CrossFit is mainly about holding a strong position. 

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Once you have understood the complexity of the movements, you will only end up wanting to know more about the finesse that weightlifters exhibit when lifting heavy weights into the air. Would you like to know more about the benefits of weightlifting? Then make sure you keep reading! 

Is weightlifting really for me?

We can’t say this enough: weightlifting is not just for power athletes. Performing the movements correctly also requires you to have a solid degree of speed, explosiveness, balance and mobility. You can train in many different ways to improve these skills, but the best way to improve them is, and always has been... lifting weights! It's no surprise then that many top athletes from other disciplines enter this sport. It can help sprinters leave the starting blocks more quickly and can help basketball players jump higher, to name but two examples.

Those who are new to the sport can – as long as they have basic mobility – start with lighter weights (such as an empty barbell or separate dumbbells). With the necessary guidance, you will then be able to safely prepare the correct muscle groups for doing heavier work. Even an experienced athlete will use this method to become even stronger. 

Our 'Barbell Cycling' class is designed specifically for that purpose. You will learn to do more repetitions at a lower weight – sometimes in combination with other movements – which will improve both your strength and endurance. If you would like to try this (or any other) class, then we would be very happy to invite you to attend a free trial lesson.

The benefits of weightlifting

Weightlifting also has a number of tangible health benefits. It makes you stronger and fitter so you are able to carry out your daily activities more easily. One very important benefit is the the improvement you will see to the strength, structure and density of your bones, something that is especially useful as we grow older. Strength training also improves your metabolism (more than cardio training), which means it will be easier to burn calories and maintain your desired weight. 

Last but not least, weightlifting has a positive effect on your brain (as a result of more endorphins), which helps lower levels of depression and can even help you get a better night's sleep.

It’s also useful to know that we have no fewer than 5 professional weightlifting platforms and all the most recent equipment from market leader Eleiko. Would you like to discover the benefits of weightlifting for yourself at one of the most versatile gyms in the country, or would you like to try out a different class? All you have to do is get in touch for a free drop-in session

What classes do we offer? CrossFit, Strength Class, Barbell Cycling, Aerobic Capacity, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Triggerpoint Therapy and even Yoga. Take a look at the class timetable here.

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