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Mobility and injury prevention

 - Fitness

If you attend a group class at our club on a regular basis, you will notice that we rarely – if ever – start a class without using a foam roller or massage ball. We’d like to explain our reasons for doing this so you can see just how important it is.  

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Battle of the Box 2.0

 - Fitness

Hurrah! In the autumn, CrossFit Merchtem is organising its second CrossFit competition, "Battle of the Box", and it’s just for members! We will start with a number of tough Qualifiers that will be running from 2 to 31 August 2021...

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CrossFit vocab

 - General

WOD, AMRAP, EMOM … Are you familiar with the lingo (read: acronyms) or is this complete gibberish to you? Don’t worry if it is, we’ve got you covered!

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